What About My Kids?

We welcome children in worship at St. Paul's!

Your Kids

Children are a reminder that the church is vital, living, and growing. Sure, they talk, laugh, cry, poke, squirm, move around, drop things, and rattle our comfort zones, but this is how they were made to bless us and to praise God.


Children in worship is like having children at the dinner table. They are a part of the family, and the only way for them to learn is by doing – perfect, “adult” manners or not.


Parents can help by…

*Arriving early to find a spot where kids can see and hear

*Bringing something to play with when kids are distracted

*Calming kids with hugs and having them sit on your lap

*Showing kids when and how to stand, sit, sing, listen, and pray

*Giving kids something to put in the offering plate


Others can help by…

*Encouraging others with greetings, smiles, and kind words

*Helping parents when needed

*Inviting parents with kids to sit with you


When young people are especially rambunctious or when mom and dad might like a short break, nursery care is available for children up to three years old. An usher will be happy to show you where it is, right outside the main worship space.